Abdolreza Sheikoleslami

Iranian Labour Minister Abdolreza Sheikhoeslami will be impeached on April 11.

Mohammadreza Bahonar, the deputy head of Iran’s Parliament, told the Fars News Agency: “According to our agenda, Sheikholeslami must present himself in Parliament to answer the MPs’ questions.”

He added that the letter of impeachment was signed by 20 MPs and the motion has to be finalized by Sunday.

The Labour Minister has been under fire for appointing Saeed Mortazavi to the helm of the National Security Fund.

Mortazavi, was the Tehran prosecutor until he was removed for his alleged role in the transfer of detained protesters to the notorious Kahrizak detention centre, where they were tortured and at least three died.

Mortazavi is still under investigation for the charges, but his close relationship with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has kept him in top government positions ever since his removal from the judiciary.

The Labour Minister has said that he appointed Mortazavi to head the Social Security Fund on the express wish of the president.

MPs have signed a motion for the Labour Minister’s impeachment on the basis that Mortazavi was found guilty in the parliamentary probe into the Kahrizak affair, and his appointment is “against national interests and in violation of the law and harmful to the interests of the 33 million hardworking workers of the country and their families.”

Ahmadinejad has been flippant about the parliamentary criticisms and warned that if Sheikholeslami is removed, he will appoint Saeed Mortazavi as the new labour minister.