Hillary Clinton

Eleven countries have significantly reduced their oil purchases from Iran and, therefore, will not be subject to U.S. sanctions, U.S. Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton has announced..

Japan, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom were listed by Clinton as the countries that have cut back on oil purchases from Iran.

In a statement issued by the U.S. State Department, Clinton said: “The actions taken by these countries were not easy. They had to rethink their energy needs at a critical time for the world economy and quickly begin to find alternatives to Iranian oil, which many had been reliant on for their energy needs.”

Clinton also commended the EU decision to stop buying Iranian oil and maintained that the European countries are determined to hold Iran accountable to its international commitments.

Clinton added that the U.S. administration admires the efforts of these countries and urges other purchasers of Iranian oil to follow suit.

“The United States is leading an unprecedented international coalition of partners that has brought to bear significant pressure on the Iranian regime to change its course," Clinton reported.

She expressed hope that diplomacy coupled with these increased pressures will force Iran to honour its international commitments.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful and it has agreed to meet again with the G5+1 in order to resolve the disputes over its nuclear program.