Kasra Nouri

Kasra Nouri, a member of Gonabad Dervishes who was recently released from prison has been once more arrested by Islamic Republic security forces.

Majzooban Noor website reports that Kasra Nouri was arrested at his home and his charges appear to be “giving interviews to foreign radios.”

Nouri was recently released after 46 days of detention by the Intelligence Office in Shiraz Central Prison on bail.

After his release, in an interview with Radio Farda, Nouri spoke of the harsh conditions in the prisons and the criticized the treatment of inmates by Islamic Republic officials.

The Revolutionary Court also sentenced another four Gonabadi Dervishes to six months suspended sentence this week for the charge of “propaganda activities against the regime by participating in worship gatherings of Gonabad Dervishes.”

They were arrested last year by the security forces and were held in prison for weeks before release.

Gonabadi dervishes have been a target of repeated persecution by the Islamic Republic security forces in the past years with many of them being subjected to arrests and imprisonments.