Iran’s Parliament has informed the judiciary that it is leveling a financial-violation charge against the Ahmadinejad administration.

Khabar-on-line reports that during Monday’s parliamentary session, the Budget and Planning Commission read a report regarding the administration’s failure to observe certain articles of budget laws passed in the last year. The report noted violations in allocating oil revenues and the failure to deposit them in the national treasury.

The spokesman for the commission maintained that the crude revenues at the end of September were $53.02 billion but only $51.02 billion of that has been collected by the Central Bank.

According to the report, $6.4 billion in oil revenues should have been deposited in the national treasury; however, only $2.4 billion has been deposited.

The commission announced that the administration, and specifically the Ministry of Oil, is responsible for depositing the correct amount in the national treasury, and failure to do so would bring judicial charges.