Ali Akbar Javanfekr

Ali Akbar Javanfekr, Mahmoud Ahmadienjad’s top media adviser, was handed a one-year prison term today by the appellate court.

The Fars News Agency writes that Javanfekr had been charged with “insulting the leader of Iran” and sentenced in the preliminary court to one year in jail and a five-year ban from political activity, and the sentence was upheld in full by the appeals court.

Fars also writes that the sentence is “binding and can no longer be appealed.”

Previously, Javanfekr was also sentenced to six months in prison and a three-year ban from media activities for publishing articles that were deemed contrary to Islamic principles.

Javanfekr was behind a special issue of Khatoon that discussed appropriate women’s attire from the Islamic perspective.

The issue became very controversial in the Islamic Republic establishment, and Tehran’s Prosecutor filed charges of “offending public morality.”

Javanfekr was a casualty of infighting in the Islamic Republic, with the conservative supporters of the clergy on one side and supporters of the Ahmadinejad administration on the other.