The group Justice for Iran has issued a statement denouncing the crackdown on protesters in Khuzestan that saw two detainees killed while in custody.

Justice for Iran claims that the people responsible for these deaths appear to enjoy immunity from prosecution in Iran. It has called on anyone who has any information about these incidents to share it with Justice for Iran for use in its database of human-rights violators.

More than a month ago, the authorities in Shoush, Hamidiyeh and Ahvaz arrested more than 60 protesters who were calling for a boycott of the parliamentary elections. Two of the detainees, Mohammad Ka’abi and Nasser Alboshokeh, have been pronounced dead by the authorities, and so far no one has been held accountable for their deaths.

Human Rights Watch says 65 people were detained in Khuzestan in the past month, also reporting that Alboshokeh and Ka’abi appeared to have been killed under torture.

Authorities informed the family of Mohammad Ka’abi that he had been killed and buried. They warned the family against holding any commemoration services and even refused to tell the family where the body is buried.

Ka’abi, a 35-year-old law student at Dezfool University, has left behind a pregnant wife and two children, aged eight and five. His wife is currently being held incommunicado at her home.

Nasser Alboshokeh, who was 19, was arrested at the clothing store where he worked for writing graffiti and slogans on city walls.

Justice for Iran reports that Alboshokeh was arrested on January 26 and died four days later. His body was held for more than 11 days, delaying the announcement of his death.

The family reports that the authorities forbade them from holding a burial in Ahvaz so they laid him to rest in a neighbouring city. They also report that telltale marks of beatings and physical abuse were evident on his body.

Khuzestan Province has faced repeated outbreaks of protests against “unfavourable and discriminatory conditions” but Islamic Republic authorities have consistently put down the protests by force.