Ten detainees from the February 14 (Bahman 25) rally in Tehran have begun a hunger strike to protest their situation.

The RAHANA Human Rights House of Iran website reports that 10 detainees who were arrested during the scattered protests of February 14 and are currently being held in Evin Prison have taken up this hunger strike.

The report indicates that the detainees are being held in alcove 7 of Evin Prison among “dangerous” prisoners.

The report adds that Ali Shekarchi began a hunger strike three days ago to protest against the behaviour of the “dangerous” prisoners and has since been moved to solitary confinement.

Nine other detainees from February 14 followed suit and are now also on a hunger strike.

The report also indicates that one of the detainees is Masood Karami, an Iranian-Norwegian citizen who had returned to Iran after 20 years to protest against the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard.

The opposition group called the Coordination Council for the Green Path of Hope had called on Iranians to join a silent march on February 14 to mark the anniversary of last year’s protests and to call for the release of the opposition leaders, who have been under house arrest for a year.

Despite the heavy presence of security forces, many scattered gatherings were reported in Tehran, and opposition websites also reported widespread arrests.

Last year’s demonstrations on that date also led to widespread arrests as well as the deaths of Saneh Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari.