There is a growing presence of people on the streets of Tehran and other major Iranian cities as the end of the workday approaches.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that at 6PM local time, the sidewalks of Towhid Street were filled with people but they had not yet succeeded in coming together as a group.

In Azadi Square, the heavy presence of security and special units has been reported, and plainclothes forces are constantly patrolling the area on motorbikes. The sidewalks are filled with people, and as soon as an area becomes too densely packed, security forces lead people into the side streets.

At the entrance to Enghelab Subway, security forces have mounted a video camera and are filming citizens who enter the area.

A report from Shiraz indicates that people there have begun demonstrations, chanting slogans that call for support. The report, issued by the Centre for the Support of Families of Detainees and Martyrs, adds that the crowd is growing rapidly, and video captures of it will soon be posted on the internet.

Reports from Esfahan also indicate that sidewalks along the Zayandeh River and Chaharbagh Street are attracting a dense crowd.

Other reports indicate that Haft Howz Street is the scene of intense altercations and teargas bombs have been deployed in the area.

Islamic Republic authorities have dismissed the opposition’s call to protest as a “propaganda gesture.” They say any attempt at a demonstration today, which marks the one-year anniversary of the last large opposition street protests, will be dealt with using full force.

Therefore, all across Tehran and other large cities, heavy security measures are in place.