The opposition group known as the Free Syrian Army has released seven Iranian citizens abducted several weeks ago in Syria.

The Mehr News Agency reports that the seven Iranian technicians, kidnapped while working in Homs, have been released.

The Free Syrian Army, a group of Syrian armed forces that have left the Syrian army to fight against the Beshar Assad regime, had abducted the Iranians, claiming they were members of Iran’s armed forces.

Iranian authorities denied the allegations and maintained that they were engineers working on development projects in Syria.

Family members of the captives had confirmed that their relatives were indeed working for companies connected with Iran’s Ministry of Energy.

The Mehr News Agency announced that they are now outside Syria and would soon reach Iran via Turkey and Iraq.

Mehr claims there was no basis for the allegations that the captives were connected with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp.

Last week, another 11 Iranian pilgrims were released after they too had been abducted by Free Syrian Army forces.

The Syrian opposition has announced that the kidnappings are a warning to the Islamic Republic to end its support of the Beshar Assad regime.