Ramin Mehmanparast

A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency will return to Iran on February 21 to further inspect the country’s nuclear activities.

IRNA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast as saying: “The delegation’s earlier trip, headed by Herman Neckaerts, was a natural part of the continued cooperation between Iran and this international institution.”

The IAEA delegation paid a three-day visit to Iran at the end of January. Ramin Mehmanparast maintained that Iran’s relations with the IAEA are completely transparent, adding: “These cooperations can lead to the agency’s better understanding of the peaceful nature of our activities.”

Both sides expressed positive remarks following the three-day visit, and the IAEA has issued a statement expressing its aim to concentrate on negotiations with Iran. The IAEA has also announced that the inspectors will visit Iran on February 21 and 22.