Saeed Razavi Faqih

A group of 52 Iranian student activists has issued a statement calling for the release of Saeed Razavi Faqih.

The former student activist was arrested in December upon his return to Iran. He is reportedly being held in an undetermined state and is probably being subjected to high-pressure interrogations.

The signatories write that Razavi Faqih was committed to reforming the framework of the Islamic Republic regime and its laws.

The signatories write: “Taking and releasing any kind of interview or confession from him in which he speaks against the student movement, the Green Movement or the policies of the student organization, Tahkim Vahdat, or any declaration that would negate his political stance prior to his arrest, lacks any kind of legitimacy and will be doomed to failure like all similar actions.”

Razavi Faqih has worked with several reformist newspapers in Iran and was previously arrested and held in solitary for his journalistic activities, on such charges as “participation in illegal assemblies”, “insulting the leader” and “propaganda against the regime.”.