Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranian MP Mostafa Rezahosseini has announced that the final step has been taken to summon Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for questioning.

Rezahosseini said: “The report prepared by the initiators of the motion to question the president has been delivered to the Speaker of Parliament.”

The Mehr News Agency reports that the report was submitted to Ali Larijani today, and the regulations give the president one month to prepare himself for an appearance in Parliament to respond to MPs’ questions.

Previously, government representatives appeared in Parliament to be questioned by MPs regarding a number of irregularities. Mehr reports that the MPs were said to be unsatisfied with all of the administration’s responses.

The questions covered a range of issues from irregularities in funding for the Tehran Subway system to inaccurate unemployment statistics to the president’s withdrawal from attending to his duties.

The motion to question Ahmadinejad got into gear last summer. The motion has been met with many obstacles, revealing serious divisions in the Islamic Republic establishment.