Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

The United States has condemned the assassination of nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan in Tehran yesterday, maintaining that, despite Iranian allegations, it was not involved in the incident.

Al-Jazeera quoted the U.S. Foreign Secretary saying: “I want to categorically deny any United States involvement in any kind of act of violence inside Iran.”

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a nuclear scientist and official at the Natanz nuclear facility, was killed yesterday when two assailants on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to his car. Roshan’s assassination, in view of three other assassination attempts against Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years, appears to indicate that there is a covert effort against the Islamic Republic nuclear program.

The U.S., however, has denied any involvement in such an effort.

Iran has accused the U.S. and Israel of orchestrating the assassination attempts.

Iran’s representative at the United Nations has written a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, saying: “Iran is deeply concerned about these merciless, inhumane and criminal acts against Iranian scientist and strongly condemns them.”