Ahmad Khatami

Iran’s Friday Mass Leader condemned British policies against Iran today, adding that the UN Security Council “has destroyed its own reputation by backing Britain.”

Iranian media report that Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami lauded Parliament for its decision to downgrade relations with Britain, telling worshippers that “the British have a 100-year history of treachery in Iran.”

Ahmad Khatami added that U.S. and British sanctions against Iran are “fruitless” because Iran has no relations with these countries.

Following the British announcement that it will boycott Iran’s Central Bank, Iranian Parliament approved a bill to downgrade relations with Britain to the level of charge d’affaires, thus expelling the British ambassador.

On Tuesday, angry protesters in Tehran stormed the British Embassy, which led to the complete closure of both the British embassy in Tehran and the Iranian embassy in Britain.

Tehran’s Friday Mass Leader added: “Europeans should not attach themselves to the British or they will also attract the hatred our people feel against the British government.”