Following an attack on the British Embassy in Tehran, the British government announced that it is moving its diplomats out of Tehran.

The British government emphasized that the move was made to ensure the staff’s safety. The first group of diplomats will reportedly leave Tehran for the UAE today.

Yesterday, the British Embassy was attacked by a group of demonstrators protesting Britain’s new boycott of Iranian banks, including the Central Bank.

The protesters, gathered in front of the embassy, began by reading a declaration condemning British policies against Iran. Then they proceeded to attack and occupy the embassy building for several hours, until security forces removed them from the premises.

A similar gathering took place at Gholhak Orchard in Tehran’s northern outskirts, where some British diplomats and their families live.

The occupation ended last night when police intervened.

In reaction to Britain’s new sanction, Iran’s Parliament ratified a motion to reduce diplomatic relations with the British to the level of charge d’affaires, prompting Britain to promise a strong response.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the actions of the demonstrators and assuring the international community that it is committed to the international provisions for the treatment of diplomats.

The ministry also maintained that the incident would be thoroughly investigated.

Iran’s diplomatic retreat means the new British ambassador, Dominick John Chilcot, will have to cut short his mission.