Demonstrators in Tehran attacked and occupied the British Embassy today.

Iranian media report that a group of students began demonstrations in front of the embassy, where statements were read denouncing Britain. Then the demonstrators proceeded to enter the embassy and occupy it.

They pulled down and burned the British flag and replaced it with the flag of the Islamic Republic.

Reports also indicate that Molotov cocktails and rocks were thrown at the building, and a small building behind the main entrance caught fire.

The gathering, which commenced at 2 PM local time, was advertised yesterday in the Iranian media.

The crowd chanted death slogans to Britain, the U.S. and Israel and expressed their readiness to follow the commands of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

The participants also carried pictures of Iranian nuclear physicists Massoud Al Mohammadi and Majid Shahriyari, who were assassinated in Tehran, for which the Islamic Republic blames foreign powers.

Today’s gathering took place on the anniversary of Shahriyari’s assassination.

A similar demonstration reportedly took place in front of the Gholhak Orchard, which the British embassy treats as an extension of its property. Iranian authorities have disputed British ownership of the orchard, which reportedly was occupied by the demonstrators.

Britain recently announced that it will boycott all relations with Iranian banks, including the Central Bank. In response, Iran’s Parliament has ratified a bill to downgrade diplomatic relations with Britain, reducing embassy relations to the level of charge d’affaires.

Britain has denounced the move and says it will have a strong response after consulting its global partners.