Russia has condemned new Western sanctions against Iran, stressing that such actions hinder efforts to pursue talks with Iran.

The Russian reaction comes after the U.S., Britain, France and Canada slapped Iran with new sanctions aimed at its oil and gas industry and its banking system.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “Russia sees such extraterritorial measures as unacceptable and against international law. Such a practice seriously obstructs advancement toward a constructive dialogue with Tehran. Stronger sanction pressure, which some of our partners see almost as a goal in itself, will not encourage Iran to sit down at the negotiating table."

The coordinated Western sanctions follow a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, which indicated possible concern over Iran’s nuclear activities.

Iran insists the report is unsubstantiated and its nuclear program is fully peaceful.

In the meantime Iran’s Foreign Ministry slammed the new sanctions, dismissing them as ineffectual and another example of “Western propaganda and psychological warfare against Iran.”