Iran’s Parliament has passed new legislation approving prison sentences of two to five years for Iranians who travel to Israel.

Iranian MPs also voted to withhold a passport from Iranians caught travelling to Israel for a period of three to five years, on top of the two to five years in prison. The motion was passed 131 to 3 with 11 abstaining.

Previously, the law stated that an Iranian passport was valid for travel to all countries except where banned by the government for particular reasons.

Failure to follow those regulations was subject to two months in prison and up to ten dollars in fines.

The new legislation raises the penalty for travelers to Israel, referred to as “occupied Palestine.”

The legislation comes after a number of Israeli officials, including Defence Minister Ehud Barak, raised the possibility of an imminent attack against Iran in response to disputes over Iran’s nuclear activities.

Iran has announced that it will meet such an attack with “full force.”

World powers have been reluctant to support the military threats against Iran.

The Haaretz daily reported earlier that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu and Defence Minister Barak are trying to persuade the Israeli cabinet that a unilateral military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is the best option for their country.