Ali Larijani

Iran’s head of Parliament has announced that Western musings about an attack against Iran are not a serious threat to the Islamic Republic.

Ali Larijani told the Khaneh Mellat website that Western threats against Iran are more of a “psychological warfare” and should, therefore, be confronted as such.

He claimed that nuclear disputes, the campaigns alleging human rights violations in Iran and the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the U.S. are all part of the West’s myth-making about Iran. He said the real motivations for such slander are “U.S. domestic problems, the isolation of Israel and the approaching U.S. presidential elections.”

Larijani added that Iran’s internal issues and the differences of opinion among Islamic Republic authorities are very “tempting” to the West, and authorities there will make every effort to exploit these issues against Iran.

Meanwhile, Iranian Minister of Defence Ahmad Vahidi announced that Iran is prepared to counter any military aggression against its territory.

In the past week, Israel has pointedly indicated that a military strike against Iran may be in the works, amid reports that the U.S. and British have similar plans for Iran.