Mohammad Rastad, the head of Bushehr ports and navigation, has confirmed the death of six Koosha crew members who were trapped on the vessel when it sank in the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, the authorities could not confirm the death of those six divers, who were reportedly trapped in the vessel’s pressure chamber. The bodies of six other crew members had washed ashore, while another was still missing.

Today officials announced that the rescue team had finally recovered the bodies of the six Indian nationals trapped in the pressure chamber.

The search for other victims reportedly continues.

On Friday, the supply platform vessel Koosha sank while returning from a supply mission. Rastad announced that overloading of the vessel had caused it to capsize.

Sixty passengers were rescued early on, seven people remained missing, and the other six were trapped in the chamber 70 metres below sea level.

Their bodies were reportedly recovered by cutting through the chamber door.