Seven crew members of the supply platform vessel Koosha have been killed, says Mohammad Rastad, the head of ports and navigation in Bushehr, and the fate of six other crew currently trapped on the vessel remains unclear.

The Mehr News agency reports that the six divers stuck in the pressure room are Indian nationals; so far, no distress signals have been received from them.

An earlier report by Mehr had indicated that all 13 crew members were killed.

The vessel, which carried equipment for the Oil and Gas Company of Iran, sank in the Persian Gulf on Friday. Sixty passengers were rescued in the first hours, but seven people were unaccounted for and another six were stuck in the pressure chamber 70 metres below the surface.

Four of the victims killed in the incident are Iranians while another two are Indian and Ukrainian nationals. The remaining victim remains unidentified.

Mehr identified the victims today and announced that their bodies had washed ashore on the Bushehr coast.

Today, officials announced that they cannot confirm whether the people stuck in the pressure chamber are dead; however, they confirmed that there have been no signals from the chamber, which according to experts, holds enough oxygen to last for 72 hours.

The Koosha vessel was returning from a supply mission for the Southern Pars gas developments when it sank.