Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Duinweg 20, The Hague

In the Name of God


Press Release


Acting Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr.
Ghahremani, met with the Director-General for political affairs of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Mr De Gooijer
on 22 June 2009. In this meeting, Mr. Ghahremani referred to the
participation of 85 percent of the Iranian electorate in the recent
presidential election as an indication of their confidence in the
Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr Ghahremani stated that Iran is governed by the rule of law.
Anybody objecting to the vote count can lodge a complaint
through legal channels as stipulated in the Constitution.

The Acting Ambassador went on to say that we differentiate
between protestors and rioters. He then lashed out at the fueling
of unrest, fomenting of sedition, and destruction of the public
properties and also strongly condemned the support extended by
some western countries and their mass media.

Ghahremani cautioned western countries especially the
Netherlands which calls itself as the centre of peace and justice
against intervening in the internal affairs of Iran. He alluded to the
increasing activities of the terrorist groups including those of MKO
and the propaganda launched by Radio Zamaneh which is financed
by the Dutch government.

Mr De Gooijer also declared the position of his country on the
latest developments of the presidential election in Iran and said
we are not a friend of MKO. We declared our position about MKO
and we condemn any act of terrorism.
The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran