Massoud Jazayeri

A senior Iranian military official says the British Embassy in Iran is a centre of “conspiracy and espionage” and he wants it dealt with.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri, the cultural deputy at the Iranian Armed Forces headquarters, said on Sunday: “Any weakness against the anti-Iranian activities of the bankrupt government of Britain would be unfair to the people of Iran.”

Jazayeri made the statements in reaction to recent European sanctions against another 29 Iranian officials.

Jazayeri, whose name is included in the recent list of people accused of “human rights violations,” referred to the EU actions as “childish and absurd.”

The 29 people on the EU list have been banned from traveling to European countries, and any assets they hold in EU countries are to be frozen. Previously, a separate group of 32 Iranian officials was put under similar sanctions.

Iran has denied the human rights violation charges brought against it by international bodies and claims the examples raised are all strictly internal matters..

Jazayeri called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry to “speedily confront these actions with an appropriate stance.”

Several times in the past year, Iran’s Parliament had called for the severing of all relations with the British government.