Ali Motahari

Iranian MP Ali Motahari has resigned over Parliament’s failure to follow through on a motion to question the president.

The Mehr News Agency reports that the conservative lawmaker, who was a chief instigator of the motion, has submitted his resignation to the Presiding Board of Parliament for its refusal to put the questioning of the president on its agenda.

Motahari indicated that his is resigning because he is no longer able to protect the rights of the people who elected him.

The motion to question Ahmadinejad, signed by 100 MPs, was handed to Parliament in late June. The long list of proposed questions covered “the government’s legal violations” such as its failure to carry out legislation regarding the subway system and cultural issues such as adherence to hijab [Islamic attire].

While 14 signatories have withdrawn their support for the motion, it still has sufficient signatures to be valid.

Motahari had said he would resign if the signatories were pressured to withdraw their support. He insisted that the names of the signatories should remain classified so no one could be pressured over his decision.

In September, the Presiding Board of Parliament announced that the motion to question the president was not in the country’s best interest.

The announcement came after Iran’s Supreme Leader called for unity among the government branches.