Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he is prepared to hold talks with officials from other Islamic countries to reach an agreement regarding the uprising in Syria.

On Thursday night, Ahmadinejad told the Kuwaiti media: “Islamic countries, independent from outsiders, should come to an understanding together to resolve the problems faced by Syria.”

He added that the first step is to keep rifts from widening. Without specifying any countries, Ahmadinejad said some countries send weapons into Syria, which only fuels divisiveness.

The Iranian president went on to say: “There is reliable information that reveals that the U.S. and its allies have large-scale plans for the countries in the region and they intend to disrupt the region. They even have plans for those countries that are now sending weapons to Syria.”

Protests against the Syrian regime of Beshar Assad began six months ago and have intensified in recent months, with more and more military intervention.

Iran has supported the Assad regime but recently called on the Syrian government to heed protesters’ demands and work toward real reforms.

Ahmadinejad also criticized the actions of Western countries in Libya and accused NATO of persist in bombarding Libya despite the rebel victory.

He accused Western countries of trying to destroy the Libyan people and the country’s infrastructure in order to resolve their own economic crisis, by looting Libya’s resources while pretending to help rebuild the country.

“Western countries have economic and colonial aims in Libya, and if they can make a firm foothold in this country, they will never leave,” Ahmadinejad said; “Then the people would have to spend another 10 years fighting to get them out.”