Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), which have been fighting in northwestern Iran in recent months, have both announced that they have killed dozens of each other’s forces in the Sardasht region.

The Mehr News Agency reports that IRGC Colonel Hamid Ahmadi said 30 PJAK members were killed in their operations.

Ahmadi was quoted as saying: “Out of respect for the blessed month of Ramadan and requests from local Kurdistan offices, we gave a month’s reprieve to the PJAK terrorist group to let them make the right decision and leave the border regions of Iran.”

Meanwhile, PJAK’s official website reports that its forces have killed 76 IRGC members in recent conflicts.

The report adds that eight of the people killed were Kurdish civilians linked to the IRGC, but the Revolutionary Guards has only confirmed the death of two such civilians.

Meanwhile, Douzdar Hamou, a senior PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party of Turkey) member has announced that its forces are on alert and prepared to join PJAK forces to fight against the IRGC.

Iran has also resumed shelling of the Kurdistan border regions, and in the past week, the Turkish air force has bombarded its border regions with Iraq in retaliation against PKK militant activities in Turkey.