Mohammad Khatami

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami praised Amaneh Bahrami, the victim of an acid attack, for sparing her attacker from the sentence of being blinded by acid.

Khatami said Bahrami’s "magnanimity" should be an example for all Iranians; he called it proof that "against cruelty, shamelessness, hatred, selfishness and vengeful sentiments, one can indeed exercise compassion, honour and respect for life, love for others and magnanimity."

Amaneh Bahrami is the young woman who lost her sight and was severely disfigured after her spurned suitor Majid Movahed sprayed her with acid. On Sunday, she chose not to use her court-approved right to blind her assailant’s eyes with acid.

Khatami went on to ask: "Is it possible to learn from Amaneh in the political and social arena and respond to crisis with peace and resolve conflicts with regard for one another and respect for one’s rights without pride, especially among those who are more powerful?"

Khatami also warned about growing "social problems and issues” and expressed grave concern about the decline of public safety.

On Sunday Majid Movahed was to be anesthetized and then blinded in both eyes with drops of acid. The sentence was to be carried out in May but was delayed as the judiciary pondered how to carry out the sentence without overstepping it.

Bahrami said she felt content after abandoning Movahed’s acid blinding sentence, and her parents expressed great pride in her decision.

Bahrami urged Iranians to remember her and to continue donating toward her medical treatments.