A commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and five other Guards members have been killed in the conflict with the Kurdish militant group PJAK, says an Iranian media report.

The Fars News Agency reports that Colonel Asemi and five other IRGC members were killed when their vehicle hit a land mine planted by PJAK forces.

IRGC public relations reports that the victims will be laid to rest in Qom on Saturday.

In recent weeks, IRGC forces have launched a campaign against the Kurdish dissident group PJAK, in the Iran-Iraq border regions of northwestern Iran.

The IRGC claims it has dismantled a chief PJAK base; however, PJAK forces deny the claim.

Meanwhile, Iran has been shelling the Iraqi Kurdistan border regions. The attack was triggered by claims that the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq has supplied a large piece of land for the use of PJAK forces.

The KRG has denied the allegations and called on Iran to end its artillery attacks.