The proposal to impose sanctions against 26 U.S. officials has been submitted to the Presiding Board of Iran’s Parliament.

The Islamic Republic News Agency reports that Kazem Jalali, spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said the motion will be examined by Parliament on July 24.

Parliamentary motions may progress at one of thee speeds: regular, immediate and doubly immediate. If MPs agree to use immediate speed, the motion will be examined and put to final vote within two to three days rather than a month.

Jalali added that the motion is in response to “human rights violations, the creation of horrendous prisons, interference in countries in the region and the massacre of people in these countries by U.S. officials.”

“Humble Iran will boycott U.S. officials because they have violated human rights,” Jalali said.

The list of U.S. officials includes: U.S. Navy officer William Rogers; the head of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Jeffrey Harbeson; Paul Bremer, who was Iraq administrator in 2003; and retired U.S. general Tommy Franks.

The U.S. has blacklisted several Islamic Republic officials for human rights violations and for involvement in its nuclear program.