Ahmad Shaheed

Iran must stop the United Nations human Rights investigator from coming to the country, the deputy of the Iranian Parliament’s human rights committee said today.

Mohammad Karim Abed told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the accusations of human rights violations against Iran are a “diversionary tactic” and, in fact, it is the U.S. and Britain that should be investigated for such violations.

He added that the Foreign Ministry has published four books about “human rights violations in the U.S., Britain, France and Canada” and it is preparing to publish another one on rights violations in some other European Union countries.

MP Zohreh Elahian said today in Parliament: “We cannot accept the special UN rapporteur because we recognize hidden agendas and political objectives behind the UN resolution against Iran.”

On Friday, former Maldives foreign minister Ahmad Shaheed was named the special UN human rights investigator for Iran. Today in Parliament, Elahian urged Shaheed to travel to Iran only if he wishes to visit “its tourist attractions.”

Last March the Human Rights Council in Geneva passed a resolution calling for the appointment of a special human rights rapporteur to investigate the recent reports of human rights violation in Iran.

Former UN rights investigators had visited Iran several times in the eighties and nineties.