Ezzatollah Sahabi

Iranian security forces prevented today’s memorial service for Ezzatollah Sahabi from taking place.

Mizan Khabar website reports that the forces clashed with mourners at the service for the leader of the Nationalist-religious Coalition of Iran. Police and plainclothes forces descended upon the ceremony, which was set for 3:30PM at a mosque in Tehran. They blocked participants from entering the building. Some mourners were reportedly beaten and at least 12 were arrested.

Jaras reports that the families of the people arrested yesterday at Sahabi’s funeral gathered at Evin Prsion last night to get news of their loved ones.

Ezzatollah Sahabi’s daughter, Haleh Sahabi, died at her father’s funeral after mourners were attacked by security forces. Her body was reportedly given a speedy burial yesterday in Lavasan.

Some reports indicate that some mourners were also arrested at Haleh Sahabi’s funeral.

The state claims Haleh Sahabi died of a heart attack brought on by the stress of her father’s death and the heat. However, eyewitnesses have reported that Shahabi, a longtime activist who was serving a two-year prison term for taking part in the 2009 protests against the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, died as a result of beatings from security forces at the scene.