Behzad Nabavi

After senior reformist figure Behzad Nabavi was returned to prison following medical treatment, Islamic Republic security forces raided his home and confiscated a series of documents, writings and his computer.

Jaras opposition website reports that the raid took place after the executive member of the reformist party Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution returned to Evin Prison on Wednesday and was once again transferred to the notorious 2A section.

Nabavi, who had served in top positions in several governments following the Iranian Revolution, was arrested just days after the controversial re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

He is serving a five-year prison term for alleged activities against national security and propaganda against the regime.

The Islamic Republic establishment claims reform figures were involved in a “seditious” movement to overthrow the regime.

The 70-year-old veteran of Islamic Republic politics is said to be suffering from several ailments.