Mohammad Oliayifar

Jailed Iranian lawyer Mohammad Oliayifar was released today after serving his one-year sentence.

Jaras website reports that Oliayifar was sentenced for “propaganda against the regime through giving interviews.” He was defence attorney for several student, civil and labour activists. The bulk of his practice involved defending juvenile offenders sentenced to death.

Oliayifar was sentenced for his objections to the legal proceedings against Behnoud Shojai and his execution.

Shojai was executed in September of 2009 in Evin Prison. He had been arrested four years earlier at the age of 17 for murder. In court, Shojai had insisted that the incident, which occurred during a group altercation, was an act of self-defense.

Oliayifar was denied any conditional release during his incarceration and even refused the traditional leave during Norooz, the Iranian New Year.