Iranian parliament

Two hundred Iranian MPs have issued a statement condemning the presence of Saudi soldiers in Bahrain and calling on Saudi Arabia to use its might against Israel instead.

"Attacking the home of defenceless people in Bahrain and assaulting the security of women, children and seniors show the weakness and debasement of the Saudi army," the Iranian MPs write.

The announcement goes on to express solidarity with the people of Libya and Yemen.

The parliamentary announcement comes after weeks of strained Iranian-Saudi relations over the deployment of Saudi forces in Bahrain.

Plagued by widespread popular protests, Bahrain’s minority Sunni monarchy requested military assistance from its Arab allies to crush the uprising.

The protesters, who are mostly majority Shiites, have been fiercely put down by Saudi and UAE troops. Iran has harshly condemned the suppression of the protesters.

A response came Sunday from the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes six Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region. The Council accused Iran of interfering in Bahrain’s internal affairs. The GCC maintains that its mutual agreements justify the presence of Saudi and UAE troops in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini opposition has repeatedly announced that despite its large Shiite contingency, it has no ties to Iran, which is mainly Shiite. The Bahraini opposition insists its goal is a constitutional monarchy that respects the rights of all.

Today, a group of Iranian Shiite clerics in the holy city of Qom demonstrated in support of the uprisings in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, and condemned the "massacre of Muslims in these countries."

The Society of Iranian Clergy also issued an announcement condemning the "invasion of Bahrain by Saudi Arabian, UAE and Kuwaiti armies" as well as the Western military attacks on Libya.