Ali Larijani

Ali Larijani, speaker of the Iranian parliament accused Western countries of merely looking out for their oil and corporate interests in the wave of Arab uprisings.

“The West and specifically the US has deceived people in the past with democracy and human rights slogans, but now it is evident that what is of importance to them is oil and the interests of corporations,” Ali Larijani was cited by ISNA.

Contending that the US makes every effort to deviate or halt people’s movements in Arab countries he added: “It is interesting that the United Nations issues a resolution in support of the people of Libya and they engage in widespread attacks against the Libyan regime, but in Bahrain they do the exact opposite. They tell Saudi army and other Arab countries to enter the country in support of the Bahrain regime.”

Ali Larijani maintained that the UN decision for aerial attacks on Libya is “a scenario similar to that of the attack on Iraq" and added that the US and its allies are “destroying the Libyan infrastructure” with an aim to take control of certain areas of this country and dominate its vast resources.

Since February 15,Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya is facing popular uprisings. Last week, allied international forces established a no-fly zone through aerial attacks on Gaddafi forces following a UN resolution passed “in support of Libyan citizens.”

Larijani also denied any interference from Iran in Bahrain’s internal affairs. He insisted that Iran’s support for Bahraini protesters is a spiritual support and no more.

Bahrain’s monarchy has also been facing a popular uprising in the past months. Two weeks ago the government called on Gulf Cooperation Council members to assist them in putting down the protests after which Saudi and UAE military forces entered Bahrain to subdue protesters.

Bahrain’s Sunni monarchy accuses Iran, the major Shiite power in region, of fomenting the protests in Bahrain. Bahrain has a 70 percent Shiite population that claims to be heavily oppressed by the regime.