“The [United Nations] Human Rights Council is a toy in the hands of great powers who make secret deals with its members,” Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission states.

Fars News Agency reports that the Commission does not regard the UN body as qualified to review a country’s human rights record.

In a statement released Monday, Iran’s National Security Commission says the Human Rights Council should attend to massacres of people in Yemen and Bahrain and “how the U.S. supports the killing innocent people and carries out torture in Guantanamo and its secret prisons in Europe.”

On Thursday, March 24, United National Human Rights Council in Geneva passed a resolution to appoint a new human rights investigator for Iran, the first such move in a decade. The resolution was narrowly passed with 22 votes in favour, 14 against and 7 abstaining.

The Human Rights Council has expressed concern over “the oppression of dissidents” and “the increase in the use of the death penalty.”

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the Head of the National Security Commission, denounced the UN decision and declared that Iran must not cooperate with any investigator.