King Abdullah II

Iranian lawmakers have reacted negatively to a possible visit from the King of Jordan, announcing that if the trip takes place, the foreign minister will be called to account by parliament.

"In view of the recent popular developments, and protests inside Jordan by democracy seeking people and street demonstrations against Jordanian rulers, a visit from the king of this country to the Islamic Republic is not advisable," Reformist MP Daryoosh Ghanbari told FARS news agency.

In line with the recent uprisings in Arab countries in the Middle East, Jordanian people have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against their government.

Ghanbari called it “suspicious” that such a trip would be made after so many years. Malek Abdollah, the Jordanian king, last travelled to Iran when it was ruled by the reformist regime of Mohammad Khatami.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of the parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission, told Mehr News Agency that Malek Abdollah’s visit to Iran is said to be imminent.

Ahamd Tavakoli, a conservative Member of Iranian Parliament, reported that the parliament is does not welcome the Jordanian monarch’s visit. He referred to his official invitation as "an uncomely act."

"These days the people of Jordan, who are mostly Palestinians, are engaged in protests," Tavakoli added; "In such a situation there is no reason to invite a CIA puppet facing populist protests to join Nowrouz celebrations in Iran."

Nowrouz is the Iranian New Year celebrated every year on the first day of Spring. This year Iran has invited several heads of state to join the celebrations at Persepolis, the ruins of the Achamenids Palace. Hard-liners have criticized Mahmoud Ahamdinejad for arranging such a feast at this particular location, as it is reminiscent of a celebration staged in 1971 by the late Mohammadreza Shah, marking 2,500 years of the Iranian monarchy.

Mehr news agency reports that the Jordanian Monarch has announced he is prepared to join the Nowrouz celebrations in Iran.