A group of workers gathered in front of the president’s office in Tehran to protest against non-payment of wages.

The workers of Kian Tyre told Khabar online that they have not received wages since September, and a five-million-dollar budget allocated for workers demands has not been paid out.

“It is months now that we go to work and return without having done any job,” the unidentified worker told Khabar on line.

Two weeks ago, Saham News reported that hundreds of Kian Tyre workers had begun a sit-in at the factory in Tehran.

Earlier ILNA also reported on labour protests in the Tabriz Petrochemical Complex. About 1,800 workers have been demanding better working conditions and wage increases in line with the rate of inflation.

Industrial meat packers in Shiraz have also been staging protests against the non-payment of wages and their pensions. The protests coincided with Mahmoud Ahamdinejad’s visit in Shiraz, but security forces pushed the protesters away from where the president was speaking.