Mehdi Karroubi — MirHosein Mousavi

The children of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi insist that all evidence suggests their parents have been arrested, despite repeated denials from Iranian authorities.

After opposition websites announced yesterday that the two opposition leaders and their wives had been arrested and taken to Heshmatieh Prison in Tehran, the semi-official FARS news agency issued a report denying the arrest. The report cited an unidentified judiciary source saying that the opposition leaders were still in their homes but prevented from any outside contact.

“Some foreign media that are in the service of anti-Revolutionaries, such as BBC and Voice of America, have published lies regarding the arrest of the sedition leaders in order to create mischief and an atmosphere conducive to their own objectives,” FARS quoted the judiciary official.

Al-Arabiah reports that eyewitnesses and neighbours of Mousavi have reported that on Thursday, the leader’s house was filled with security forces, but after some time they left in vehicles with darkened windows. Since that night, no lights have been turned on at night and no one has been seen coming or going.

Karroubi’s children have told Saham News that a neighbour reported seeing eight security vans parked at their father’s home on Thursday night. Later the vans left the building, the report says, and since then the Karroubi home appears to be evacuated, and no light has been turned on.

Al-Arabiah claims an informed source told them that the intelligence ministry and the Revolutionary Guards appear to be in conflict over how to deal with the opposition leaders. While the intelligence forces want them under continued house arrest, the Revolutionary Guards have opted for their removal to prison.

The opposition has called on protesters to take to the streets today at 5PM to demand the release of the opposition leaders and their wives.

Eyewitness reports indicate that security forces are being deployed along the proposed protest route in Tehran, but Iran’s prosecutor has once again denied that the opposition leaders and their wives were ever transferred to Heshmatieh Prison.