Iranian opposition websites report that security forces have been deployed in all the main squares and central areas of Tehran, as the minister of intelligence prepares to make a television announcement regarding recent developments in the country.

"Special Guards have been deployed in Vali Asr Square, Vali Asr Street, Enghelab Street, Azadi Street, Park Way, Shahid Beheshti Street, Haft-e Tir Square, Sadeghieh Square and almost all other main squares in the city," Kaleme website reports.

In addition, people are being prevented from standing on the streets, and anyone who stops for any reason is attacked by batons and forced to leave.

Other opposition websites such as Saham News and Jaras have confirmed this report and write that a kind of "unannounced martial law" appears to be in place in the city.

Saham News reports that some business and store owners have been told to close their stores earlier than usual, leaving many people perplexed.

Jaras also reports that people are being closely observed by the security and Basij forces, and anyone they consider suspicious is being taken into custody immediately.

The sudden change in Tehran’s atmosphere occurred after midday, and until then, normal conditions were reported.
Earlier today, Iranian reformist youth and the Coalition Council for the Green Path of Hope both issued statements announcing that protests would continue until the Green Movement’s demands are met. First among those demands is the release of the two opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi and their wives from house arrest.