Mehdi Karroubi

Iranian security forces have completely occupied the residential complex where opposition leader Mehdi Karrobi and his wife Fatemeh Karroubi have their home.

Saham News reports that security forces have evacuated the street and now occupy the entire complex with their vehicles and equipment.

Reports say security forces have been providing for the couple’s nutritional needs for the past 10 days, which the reformist website calls a cause for concern.

Saham News says the Karroubis were in good health before their house arrest, so any health complications linked to the food they’ve been given will indicate government foul play.

In the past weeks, security forces have refused to accept food delivered by the Karroubi children for their parents, including even fruit.

Iran’s opposition leaders were put under house arrest following their call for rallies in support of recent Arab uprisings.

The government, which was caught off guard by the extent of the protests, is intent on stopping the leaders from making any further announcements.

So far, the Supreme Leader has ignored hardliners’ demands that the two opposition leaders face prosecution. Instead he has remained silent, and the establishment appears to be fearful of triggering further protests by taking decisive action against the opposition leaders.

Meanwhile, Mehdi Karroubi has dared the authorities to prosecute him in an open and legitimate court so that the people can learn the truth.