Fars news agency linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has issued reports claiming that "monafeghin and seditionists" are planning armed confrontations against the Islamic Republic regime today.

Iranian establishment refers to the exiled dissident group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran which they regard as a terrorist group, as "monafeghin."

"A number of new monafeghin cells have been entering the country in the past days and are intent on creating an atmosphere of violence and killing our compatriots in case of any possible gatherings," Fars news agency contended today.

The report claims that the killing of Saneh Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari last Monday during the opposition rally was also carried out by "the enemies of the Revolution." On the contrary, the opposition maintains that the two were killed by the security forces.

Iranian opposition has invited the people to take part in a peaceful rally today to commemorate Jaleh and Mokhtari.

In an apparent attempt at paving the way for further hostilities, Fars writes: "In the past days Monafeghin have been contacting people from within or outside the country encouraging them to take to the streets."

On Monday, Iranians took to the streets of Tehran in response to a rally call from the two opposition leaders in support of therecent  Arab uprisings. The retaliation by government forces turned the protests into an anti-government rally.

The opposition has now called for another rally today, and while opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi is under strict house arrest since Monday and prevented from communicating in any way with the outside world, his aide, Ardeshir Amirarjmand has urged the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij and the security forces to refrain from violence and support the peaceful protests of the people.