Security and plainclothes forces of the Islamic Republic have been deployed all across Tehran Sunday, the day the opposition had called a rally to commemorate the two men killed during the protests of February 14.

Radio Zamaneh has been told telephone lines have been shut down in parts of the city and mobile service has been blocked in certain areas.

Mehdi Karroubi, the Iranian opposition leader, has issued a letter to the head of Iran’s judiciary saying he will “stand by the people until the end.” Saham News reports Karroubi has also compained about the “numerous bikers and a group of clergy pretenders” who have gathered in front of his home since last night trying to intimidate him. “These people are ultimately bent on entering the building and murdering the residents,” Karroubi writes. “These actions only destroy the reputation of the Islamic Republic.”

Jaras opposition website reports that security services have been sending text messages to citizens indicating today’s opposition rally has been cancelled. However, Ardeshir AmirArjmand, MirHosein Mousavi’s aide, has emphasized that the rally call to commemorate Saneh Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari still stands.

AmirArjmand has urged the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij and the security forces to refrain from violence and support the people.

Meanwhile, the Green Embassy Campaign reported that another Iranian diplomat has joined the Green Movement. The report says Ahamad Maleki, a senior diplomat in the Iranian consulate in Milan, Italy, joined the opposition on the eve of today’s proposed rally.

Jaras also reported a new website has been set up to spread news of the Green Movement. The site can be accessed at low internet speeds.