Zanyar Moradi

Iranian judiciary has confirmed the execution sentence for Zanyar Moradi, the Kurdish political prisoners accused of murdering the son of Marivon Friday Mass Imam.

Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran reports that in all likelihood the death sentence of the co-accused Loghman Moradi has also been approved.

The son of Marivon Friday Mass Imam was killed in July of 2009 by two armed individuals whom the court maintains were “supported by British intelligence services.”

Osman Moradi, father of Loghman Moradi has told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his son had confessed to the murder under torture and was in fact innocent of the crime.

Eghbal Moradi, father of Zanyar Moradi has also told Radio Zamaneh that the two prisoners have issued a public letter indicating that they were both subjected to severe torture and pressure in order to confess to the murder.

The families of the two prisoners have urged all human rights organizations and the media to assist them in their efforts to save the two men from hanging.

Yesterday, Shirin Ebadi, Iranian Nobel Peace laureate in a joint statement with six international human rights organizations condemned the surge in executions carried out by the Islamic Republic and urged the authorities to cease the “ widespread wave of executions” in Iran.

Reports indicate that over 86 people have been executed in Iran since the beginning of 2011, at least eight of which were political prisoners.