The funeral of a student killed in the Febraury 14 protests in Tehran became violent this morning as government supporters clashed with their opponents, according to Iranian state media, which aired images of the clashes today.

Saneh Jaleh was shot dead in the opposition rally on Monday, and while the government claims he is a Basiji and a supporter of the regime, the opposition claims him for its side and contends that government forces shot him dead.

The opposition does not deny that Jaleh was a member of the Basij but claims that only emphasizes the inclusiveness of the Green Movement. They insist he was an active opposition supporter and for proof they have posted on their website pictures of Jaleh visiting the late dissident cleric Ayatollah Montazeri and interviews with classmates attesting to Jaleh’s participation in anti-government rallies.

While international media were barred from the funeral, opposition website, Daneshjoo news reports that during the funeral plainclothes forces attacked a gathering of students at the Tehran Art University and arrested dozens of people.


A group of students had gathered inside the university campus calling for the identification of the actual perpetrators of Saneh Jaleh’s death which they attribute to pro-government forces, the report adds.


Daneshjoo news reports that Tehran Art University was surrounded by the Special Guards together with plainclothes forces since 8 am. Protesters had organized a sit-in at the university amphitheatre in opposition to the government claims that the opposition was responsible for Jaleh’s death.


Kaleme reports that the students were then attacked with clubs and tazers and forced out of the building after which at least ten students were arrested.

Monday’s rally was the first demonstration held by protesters who dispute Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election since the mass demonstrations that followed the 2009 presidential elections in Iran.

At today’s funeral, the pro-government crowd chanted slogans against the opposition leaders, holding them responsible for the death of student.

Fars news agency also reports that a funeral service for Mohammad Mokhtari, the other person killed in Monday’s protests, was held near his home.

Iranian authorities have accused opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi of persisting in “seditious activities,” and many hardliners have called for their prosecution.

Mousavi and Karroubi, however, have commended the “glorious demonstrations of Bahman 25” and in separate statements they announced that they stand by the demands of the people.