Islamic Republic health ministry warned that Iranian medical systems may have been infected with the Stuxnet worm.
Mehr news agency reported today that the research and technology branch of the health ministry announced that the Stuxnet worm could cause medical imaging systems to dysfunction.

In July, news of Stuxnet infection in Iran’s industrial systems and the possibility of damage to Iran’s new nuclear facilitiesin Bushehr was published in the media.

In September, Iranian authorities announced that they have tracked the path of Stuxnet spread in the country.

“Almost all the areas and computers infected with Stuxnet have been identified,” Iranian minister of communications and technology said.

New York Times published a report last week describing Stuxnet as a joint project between the US and Israel targeting Iran’s nuclear program. The report stated that the worm had been tested in Israel’s Dimona complex on exact replicas of Iran’s nuclear facilities in Natanz and according to analysts it has been effective in delaying Iran’s nuclear program.

Iranian authorities however say that their nuclear facilities have not been affected by Stuxnet and every thing in their new Bushehr Plant is going according to plan.