Mohammad Hosseini

Iranian minister of culture says most criticisms of the recent production of Hedda Gabler in Tehran are unfounded.
ISNA reports that Mohammad Hosseini said if the artists have violated any regulations they will be reprimanded and there is no need to take the matter to higher levels of authority.

The culture minister added: “We do not intend to support violations but there has been some exaggeration about this play and that is why we have provided the prosecutor’s office with DVDs of the play so that they can review the whole play because a few pictures are not the best foundation for judgement.”

“Furthermore, these pictures are from the opening night and naturally after that the organizers were told to make certain adjustments,” Hosseini maintained; “As I said, in some cases they have exaggerated; for example, in one picture it appears that a man and a woman are beside each other while they are both actually women.”

Hosseini went on to add that it is in the nature of theatre as a live form of art that violations can occur during performances but he refused to accept that the ministry of culture has ignored any transgressions committed by the play’s producers.

The production of Hedda Gabler in Tehran was shut down by the authorities after the media reeled against it as a “vulgar and hedonistic” play against the Islamic values of the country.

The director and other members of the play were summoned by the prosecutor to explain issues of concern as head of the parliament’s cultural commission called for firm action against the plays producers.