Commander Ali Fadavi

Iran says the two planes it had downed earlier this month are indeed American spy planes and offered to put them on display.

While the United States fleet in Persian Gulf had previously denied the report claiming that none of their aircraft had been downed, today, Fars news agency quoted Ali Fadavi, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Navy saying: "It is now certain that US planes in the Persian Gulf have been downed by the Revolutionary Guards who are now in possession of the wreckage."

He stated that they will display the wreckage "at an appropriate time", adding: "Americans consider themselves a superpower and the highest authorities in science and technology so it is only natural that they would have trouble accepting such a thing."

Despite denial from US authorities, the Revolutionary Guards say that they have downed top-of-the-line western spy planes several times. They also admit that these spy planes have managed to invade Iranian territory to a "limited degree."