A suicide bomb attack targeted a bus carrying employees of Afghanistan National Security Office killing 4 and injuring 27, including several civilians.

Zamri Bashari, spokesman for Afghan Interior Ministry announced that a suicide bomber approached the government employee bus on a motorcycle at 8:30 am in Kabul and carried out the explosion.

A number of the injured are reported in critical condition.

Zabihollah Mojahed, a Taliban spokesman announced that the attack was carried out by their forces and was aimed at government employees of the National Security Office.

Afghan president, Hamed Karzai condemned the attacks describing it “a savage, inhumane and anti-Islamic action.” He added: “Carrying out a bomb attack in the middle of the city frequented by hundreds of innocent people , including women and children, can only be the act of foreign mercenaries and non-believers in the Day of Judgment.”

Handmade bombs or suicide attacks are the main tools of insurgents in their current conflicts in Afghanistan.

Afghan interior ministry reports that 2309 roadside bombs and 109 suicide bombings were carried out in 2010 in Afghanistan. While there has been reportedly a decline in the number of victims in 2010, 170 civilians and 100 police officers were killed on average insimilar  violent incidents each month.