Emad Bahavar

Iranian judiciary approved the ten-year imprisonment sentence handed to Emad Bahavar, head of youth branch of the reformist party, Freedom Movement.

Kaleme website reports that the appellate court also confirmed the ten-year ban from political activities, membership in parties and access to cyber space that was included in Bahavar’s preliminary sentence.

Farideh Gheyrat, Bahavar’s attorney reported that the appeals court reviewed the case and issued its verdict “rather quickly and hastily.”

She added that she intends to apply for a review hearing and hoped that she may achieve more acceptable results through this path.

Emad Bahavar was arrested in December and sentenced to ten years in prison in a preliminary court.

He was charged with “membership in the Freedom Movement Organization, collusion to assemble against national security, propaganda against the regime and insulting the leader.”

Farideh Gheyrat also reported that Ebrahim Yazdi, secretary general of the Freedom Movement will stand trial on January 19. The 80-year-old political prisoner was last arrested in September in a funeral ceremony in Esfahan charged with attending an illegal Friday mass prayer.

Farideh Gheyrat also indicated that the Revolutionary court branches 15, 26 and 27 review the so-called “security” cases and the judges in these branches are inclined toward issuing heavier sentences.